Defending Against Charges of Domestic Violence

29-Jun-2020 | Criminal Defense
You knew your relationship was not going well, but you never expected your partner would accuse you of domestic violence. Many relations have been strained recently, with the pressure of spending so much time indoors with the same people. Health worries, and financial worries, with many losing jobs, has increased that pressure for many. Domestic violence is a collective term…

Is Being Drunk a Defense to Theft Charges?

28-May-2020 | Criminal Defense
If you’ve been accused of theft, you’re probably looking into your defense options. It may be simple if you maintain that you didn’t do it or you have an alibi. But it can get a bit more complicated than that. For instance, what if you were intoxicated at the time? You went to a bar, you had a bit too…

You Can’t Always Trust an Eyewitness

15-May-2020 | Criminal Defense
The eyewitness is often treated as if they are an authority on a criminal event. If they show up in court and testify that they saw the defendant commit the crime, the jury may just assume that the eyewitness — who is unconnected to the event and has no reason to lie — is correct. However, studies show that’s a…

How a Fight Involving Two People Leads to One Charge

Domestic violence situations are often difficult for law enforcement officers to assess. Unlike other crimes, which may include someone intentionally committing a crime and a victim, domestic violence situations can involve two people who commit crimes against one another. When officers respond to a call made by one of those individuals or by a neighbor concerned because of the noise…

Flunking a Roadside Sobriety Test when You’re Sober: How it Happens

03-Apr-2020 | Criminal Defense
You’re on your way home from dinner, and a police officer pulls you over. You were tired, so you may have drifted a little close to the centerline, but you certainly weren’t driving erratically. Just the same, the officer asks if you’ve been drinking, and you admit that you had a glass of wine earlier with your food. Big mistake.…

Fight Your DUI so You Can Minimize Its Impact

28-Mar-2020 | Criminal Defense
When you think of DUI charges, you might think about jail time or fines. What you might not consider are all the ways that a DUI can affect you outside court. Issues such as marital problems, problems with your job, higher insurance costs and financial difficulties can all make your DUI even more difficult to deal with. Of the problems…

What is Shoplifting or Attempted Shoplifting in Washington?

27-Feb-2020 | Criminal Defense
Shoplifting is a form of theft that occurs only in a retail business. In many states, shoplifting, also known as retail fraud, it has its own special section of the criminal code that differentiates it from other theft offenses. However, Washington law does not differentiate between theft in a retail environment and other forms of theft. Someone can wind up charged with…

What Happens after a First-Time DUI Arrest in Washington?

19-Feb-2020 | Criminal Defense
For someone with no previous criminal record, getting swept up in an impaired driving enforcement effort could be incredibly stressful and frightening. Getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) will typically mean spending a night in jail. It also means facing criminal charges that carry a range of potential consequences. As someone unfamiliar with the inner workings of the…

Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law

Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law