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With relatively few exceptions, assault allegations are taken extremely seriously in the state of Washington. Almost every variant of assault crime defined under state law is classified as a felony, meaning that a conviction for even a first-time offense could lead to prison time, fines, and a permanent blemish on your record with the potential to limit your future personal and professional prospects.

Fighting allegations of criminal assault can be made easier with the help of a skilled Kitsap County Assault lawyer. Once retained, a dedicated Criminal Defense Attorney from our firm will work to establish the facts of your case, contest the prosecution’s claims against you, and mitigate the potential consequences of a conviction.

Varying Degrees of Assault Offenses in Kitsap

Chapter 9A.36 of the Revised Code of Washington distinguishes between four different degrees of assault based on severity and the existence of aggravating factors. RCW §9A.36.041 classifies assault in the fourth degree as a gross misdemeanor in most cases. However, an alleged domestic violence offense involving a defendant with two or more prior domestic violence convictions would be charged as a Class C felony.

All other forms of assault are felony crimes. For example, assaulting a law enforcement officer is considered third-degree assault, which is a Class C felony, whereas causing someone else to sustain “substantial bodily harm” would constitute Class B felony second-degree assault charges.

First-degree assault offenses (i.e. those which entail “great bodily harm,” a deadly weapon, any poisonous or infectious substances”) are Class A felonies and have maximum penalties of life in prison and $50,000 in fines upon conviction. No matter what degree of assault someone is charged with, working with a local attorney may be crucial to securing a positive case outcome.

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Depending on the circumstances, assault offenses in Kitsap County can vary significantly in severity and in potential penalties upon conviction. Assault crimes are taken extremely seriously by local law enforcement, and you should take your case seriously as well if you want to avoid the consequences of a conviction.

Working with a Kitsap County assault lawyer will help improve your understanding of your available legal options and ensure that your best interests are vehemently protected. To schedule your initial consultation, call our firm today.

Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law

Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law