Defending Against Charges of Domestic Violence

You knew your relationship was not going well, but you never expected your partner would accuse you of domestic violence. Many relations have been strained recently, with the pressure of spending so much time indoors with the same people. Health worries, and financial worries, with many losing jobs, has increased that pressure for many.

Domestic violence is a collective term for a whole host of actions if done to someone in your family or household. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to touch someone to be found guilty of domestic violence. These are some the different forms of domestic violence that Washington state considers:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Emotional abuse
  • Economic abuse
  • Neglect

If someone in your household calls the police to report you have done one of the above, the officers that come to investigate could arrest you — if the police have reason to believe that the report is valid, was sufficiently serious and happened within the last four hours.

If you were fighting with someone else in your household, the police do not need to take both people away. They will take away the person they believe did most of the assaulting. If you broke a No Contact Order or Civil Protection Order by being where you were, the police are required to arrest you.

Being accused of domestic violence is not something to take lightly. Even if the person who accused you changes their mind, the prosecutors in charge of the case could decide to continue. Being found guilty could cost you your children and your liberty.

Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law

Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law