How a Fight Involving Two People Leads to One Charge

Domestic violence situations are often difficult for law enforcement officers to assess. Unlike other crimes, which may include someone intentionally committing a crime and a victim, domestic violence situations can involve two people who commit crimes against one another. When officers respond to a call made by one of those individuals or by a neighbor concerned because of the noise…

Blocking a Report of Domestic Violence is a Crime

In Washington State, it is a crime to get in the way of someone who is trying to report domestic violence, at least in certain situations. It is easy enough to imagine cases where stopping somebody from calling the police about domestic violence should be okay, such as blocking a friend’s April Fools’ Day prank. More seriously, after a jury…

A Look at Domestic Violence Cases in Washington State

If you drive about 300 miles east of Port Orchard, you will arrive in Spokane County. According to a recent news report, officials there are puzzled by a significant increase in the number of people asking for legal protection orders because of domestic violence. Authorities say the number of people seeking legal protection orders has surged to more than 500 a…

Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law

Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law