Will a DUI Affect Your Divorce?

You have been involved in a nasty divorce, so you decided to go out and have a night on the town with some friends. You ended up drinking a little too much, and it wasn’t long before an officer pulled you over. You now face a DUI, and you’re upset with yourself. You know that this could have an impact on your divorce.

You’re right that a DUI conviction could have an impact on your case. It may add additional financial stress and could impact child custody matters. A judge isn’t going to be as understanding of a parent who gets a DUI compared to one with no history of violating the law.

That doesn’t mean that the DUI has to tank your divorce. You still have a right to defend yourself and your case. Your criminal defense attorney can help you find a viable defense for your case. They can also work to reduce the financial, social and administrative consequences that you may face if convicted.

Your attorney can also work with you to minimize the impact your arrest has on your divorce. While it may come up in discovery or in court, being able to show that penalties were reduced or that the case was discharged will help you significantly. In the meantime, your attorney can also suggest ways that you can show you take responsibility for your mistakes. Appearing respectful and being honest with the judge will do nothing but help your case.

A DUI can be serious during a divorce, but with good legal counsel, you can minimize the risk of a DUI conviction adversely affecting your case. Our website has more information if you’re facing a DUI with a pending divorce.

Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law

Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law