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When you have suffered an injury, many other damages can follow, such as property loss, medical expenses, possible loss of job or source of income, and pain and suffering. All of these can have a significant impact on your daily life.

Our extensive trial experience could be instrumental in helping you find the best resolution to your case. Let us help you weigh your options and make the best possible decision about how to obtain compensation.

If you were physically hurt by somebody else’s reckless or careless conduct, talking to a qualified attorney may be in your best interests. A skilled Kitsap County Personal Injury lawyer could help you prove legal negligence by another individual or entity and recover damages on your behalf.

The Basics of Negligence-Based Litigation

With few exceptions, personal injury cases in our area revolve around the concept of legal negligence. To hold a defendant liable for their carelessness, you must demonstrate several criteria with a preponderance of evidence.

First, you must show that the defendant owed you a duty of care. The specific duty of care that applies to a given civil case will vary based on individual circumstances. For example, every licensed driver in Washington has a duty to drive responsibly and obey traffic laws at all times, whereas a doctor is responsible for providing a certain standard of care to all patients.

Second, you must prove that the defendant violated their duty of care through some reckless, careless, or intentional act. In the case of an auto collision, an injured pedestrian, driver, motorcyclist, or cyclist can file a civil claim against a negligent motorist for any damages they cause in an otherwise avoidable accident. Similarly, a dog owner who fails to properly restrain their animal can be held liable for any injuries caused in a subsequent attack.

Next, you must show that the defendant’s breach of duty directly resulted in your injuries and subsequent damages. One of our steadfast attorneys could use medical evidence and hospital records to demonstrate the effects of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence.

Finally, you must prove that your injuries are the direct result of the defendant’s breach of care. Help from a Kitsap Personal Injury attorney could be critical in establishing all elements of negligence in a civil claim.

Role of an Attorney in Local Civil Claims

Any lawyer can take your accident case, go the easy route, and settle with the liable party’s insurance company. But the attorneys at our firm continuously fight for your rights, always diligently preparing to go to trial first. We care about your best interest and well-being. We are trial lawyers first, always fighting to get you the compensation you deserve for pain and suffering, lost economic opportunities and wages, medical expenses both past and ongoing, and other accident-related expenses.

We can employ experienced and dedicated investigators and forensic experts to review the fine details of your case. We use accident reconstruction to determine how an injury occurred, and we figure out why it happened and how it has affected your life as well as your family’s lives. Additionally, we often retain medical experts to help us evaluate the severity of your injuries, the long-term prognosis, any permanent limitations or scarring, and how that will affect your recovery.

Protecting your interests and making sure your needs are met fuels our aggressive trial attitude. That is what sets our firm apart from all other litigation firms in our area.

Potential Obstacles to Recovering Compensation

Revised Code of Washington §4.22.005 allows local courts to reduce a plaintiff’s recoverable compensation by whatever percentage of fault they bear for their own injuries. Fortunately, our lawyers could help refute any such allegations to maximize your recoverable damages.

Additionally, RCW §4.16.100 sets a filing deadline of three years for most personal injury cases, meaning that most claimants must file suit within three years of becoming injured. While certain circumstances allow for extensions or exceptions to this deadline, failing to abide by the applicable statute of limitations could result in the dismissal of the claim.

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Depending on how and where it happens, a personal injury can have an immensely consequential impact on your life in both the short and long terms. Even if you only suffered minor injuries in an accident, you still deserve compensation for any harm you suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence.

A Kitsap County Personal Injury lawyer could clarify your legal options and help you handle your case. To start working on your case, call our team today to schedule an initial consultation.

Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law

Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law