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Even if the result of a case is positive and life-affirming, moving through the legal process of many family law matters can be a frustrating and emotionally trying time. With a skilled family law attorney by your side, however, you gain the benefit of legal understanding and clear insight.

Before getting started on any kind of family-related legal proceeding, you should strongly consider retaining an attorney with experience in cases like yours. By working with a knowledgeable Kitsap family lawyer, you could effectively protect your family’s best interest.

Protecting Your Future with an Attorney’s Help

While it can represent a turbulent emotional and financial time in your life, it is crucial to remember the end goal of your family law case. Whether you are seeking a stable future for yourself or protecting the life of a minor child, an experienced lawyer from our firm could provide the guidance you need. At our firm, we are prepared to represent clients facing challenges involving:

We can also help couples establish their rights in carefully drafted marital agreements such as prenups and postnups. Our team could even help survivors of domestic violence review their options for filing protective orders and fight to protect their and their children’s safety.

No matter the complexity of your family law issue, you can count on our firm to provide the strong, aggressive voice you need on your side. From negotiating compromises through divorce mediation to protecting your best interests in court, we are ready to fight by your side from start to finish.

Litigating Marital Issues in Our Area

Getting married requires couples to jump through a lot of legal and procedural hoops, and getting a divorce is an equally complicated process. While Washington’s status as a no-fault divorce state helps make matters simple, there are still various procedural hurdles to clear before a marriage can be formally dissolved.

Even if both spouses agree to divorce, there can still be numerous disagreements about specific marital issues such as the division of assets, alimony, and child support. Additionally, child custody – referred to as parenting management in Washington – can become very contentious when parents cannot agree on who should have custodial rights over their child, especially since the courts have the final say on all matters involving the best interests of children.

The assistance of a skilled family law attorney in Kitsap could be crucial to ensuring your divorce or legal separation proceeds as smoothly as possible. Once retained, legal counsel could help with all kinds of divorces – military, same-sex, contested and collaborative, high-asset, and everything in between.

Modifying Court Orders in Kitsap

If your circumstances change so much that an existing court order is no longer viable, one of our skilled attorneys could help you petition for a modification to accommodate your new situation.

Likewise, one parent choosing to relocate within or outside of the state of Washington can complicate pre-existing parenting plans. Our local lawyers could be help ensure either parent’s plan to relocate doesn’t negatively impact their child’s best interests.

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Family law matters can be especially complicated for all involved parties. No matter how minor a dispute may seem, addressing it in court can be a confusing and intense process for everyone.

Fortunately, help is available form of a seasoned Kitsap family lawyer. To schedule a consultation with a professional legal advocate at our firm, call today.

Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law

Jeniece LaCross, Attorney At Law